We believe in the Bible.

The Bible is our foundation understood through tradition and reason, containing all things necessary for salvation. Our worship is filled with Scripture from beginning to end.

We believe in the Sacrament of Holy Communion

Holy Communion is the central act of Christian worship and is normally celebrated every Sunday. We believe that Jesus becomes really present to us as we receive the bread and the wine and that he offers again to us the forgiveness and the unity that were an integral part of his earthly ministry.

We believe in Worship.
Although we encourage private worship and prayer, it is in our corporate worship Sunday by Sunday that we recognize our need for one another and our mutual concern to acknowledge the holiness of God, to hear God’s Word, and to celebrate the sacraments together.

We believe in the Incarnation.
We believe that in Jesus, God chose to not love us from a distance, but to break into our world as we live in it. Jesus blessed the life we live and experienced it as we experience it. As we worship him and as we seek his grace, we are assured that he is one who understands what we are going through.

We believe in One Another.
We believe that we are called to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbor as ourselves. We emphasize the value of every person, knowing that each is made in the image of God and is the object of God’s love. All are welcome and no one is excluded from joining with us in the worship of God and in the ministry to which we are all called of making the love of God known to the whole world.

[For further details about our beliefs please see “An Outline of the Faith, commonly called the Catechism” found on pages 845 -862 of The Book of Common Prayer.]